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Crafting Recipes Guide – Grounded Guide

Crafting Recipes Guide – Grounded Guide

This page contains information on the various types of crafting recipes you can find and utilize in Grounded. Note that this list may change or be altered as

How To Craft Refrigerator | Frostbitten Recipe Note | Grounded Guide

#Refrigerator #FrostbittenRecipeNote #Grounded
To craft the refrigerator you need to first find the Frostbitten Recipe Note, which is located inside Dr. Wendell’s lab. A note detailing how to harness the natural refrigeration powers of Ice Caps mints to preserve food.

GROUNDED GUIDE To Max Upgrading Weapons And Tools /Elemental Damage Effects! PTS Update

how to fully upgrade yoru weapion in grounded new hot and hazey update – apply elemental buffs and more to max upgrade weapons and tools #grounded
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A Complete Guide to the New Upgrade System | New Grounded Update to Armor and Weapon Upgrades

I think this is the best changes to armor and Weapons they could make!

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A Complete Guide to the New Upgrade System | New Grounded Update to Armor and Weapon Upgrades

Grounded Made Easy in 4 Steps | The Ultimate Guide for New Players

What should you do first in Grounded? This guide walks you through every step you should take from the beginning of the game. It is a guide made for new players that think Grounded is a hard game to play.

Read the 4 steps of the guide and use the timestamp links to jump to the segment of the video you haven’t completed yet.
00:00 – How to Start Play Grounded
00:34 – Step 1: Save Burg.L and Buy 2 Recipes
12:40 – Step 2: Craft the Red Ant Armor Set
20:49 – Step 3: Craft a Bratburst Bomb
27:32 – Step 4: Pick Up the Pinch Whacker
34:42 – Pinch Whacker Showcase


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