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Managing Households – The Sims 4 Guide

Managing Households – The Sims 4 Guide

Sims do not live in a vacuum and, depending on how their lives evolve or simply on your whim, you may find that Sims to change families or houses. We saw the

Sims 4 New Players: Woodworking & Profiting from Handiness

Woodworking is a small part of The Sims 4’s handiness skill, yet is easily missable by new players. Let’s examine this feature and how we can take it to the next level and even live off the profits. A side benefit is learning handiness early and getting to take advantage of all it has to offer.

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The Sims 4 Neighborhood Stories System – Overview & Tutorial

An overview and tutorial of how to use the new Neighborhood Stories System in The Sims 4!

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The Sims 4 Tutorial: Using ‘Manage Worlds’ to create your own basic Story Progression

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Sims 3 simmers are use to playing in a world where sims in the town grow up, get married, have kids and eventually die. In Sims 4, sims only grow old and die, no other progress is made in un-played households. As the town grows old, you don’t want to be stuck in a town full of elder sims!

In this tutorial I have a basic method to keep your town vibrant with young new sims and as many children, teens, couples and elders as you want! You manage the towns to progress the way you want them to.

In this Sims 4 Tutorial, I show you how to create your own basic story progression using the ‘manage worlds’ option. This only affects the type, quantity and life states of sims and does not include an option for career and skill progression. Skibidi Toilet: Where Cameramen Battle it Out with Toilets - Join the Madness!

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How To Play As An Academic | The Sims 4 Guide

A guide on how to become or play as an academic in The Sims 4. While there is a trimmed down base game version that can work, for the full experience you will need The Sims 4 Discover University expansion pack installed to be able to play as an academic. Please like and comment, and Subscribe here: https://bit.ly/2ZM0L4h

This guide looks at how to bring playing as an academic to life by exploring the academic and the renaissance sim aspiration, and exploring a range of ways to make money playing as an academic, such as by contributing knowledge on a research machine, and by writing and publishing research papers.

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