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Pan Am Board Game Review

Pan Am Board Game Review

Pan Am is a surprisingly fun nostalgia-infused board game about running your very own airline.

Impressions: Air, Land & Sea, Masters of Renaissance, Pan Am, & Grand Trunk Journey

Today I discuss my initial impressions on the following games:
Introduction – 0:00
Air, Land & Sea – 0:41
Masters of Renaissance – 6:44
Pan Am – 17:33
The Grand Trunk Journey – 29:23

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Pan Am Gameplay Overview & Review

In the game Pan Am you’re trying to earn the most stocks before selling them off at the end to become the winner! You’re doing it by buying routes which you will ultimately sell to Pan Am to earn income which will allow you to buy more and more stocks in the company.

Gameplay Overview: 0:21
Nick’s Review: 10:36
Vik’s Review: 13:51

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Pan Am in about 3 minutes

Pan Am in about 3 minutes

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Designer,Prospero Hall,
Artist,Prospero Hall,
Publisher,Funko Games



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Pan Am Board Game Review

Travel back to the golden age of flying and build the best airline routes that you can then sell to Pan Am in this route building board game from Prospero Hall and Funko Games. Will the sky be the limit for you and your friends playing this game? We’ll let you know with our review of Pan Am.
2-4 Players. 60 Minutes. Ages 12+

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