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Twitch Streamers Organise Boycott in Protest at Hate Raids [Update: Strike Begins]

Twitch Streamers Organise Boycott in Protest at Hate Raids [Update: Strike Begins]

Twitch streamers are holding a boycott of the platform in protest at hate raids that have been targeting marginalized streamers.

Korean streamer’s lobster comes back to life while preparing it for cooking

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5 Streamers Who Almost Died On LiveStream

Streamers who had life threatening moments while Live on Twitch, from Heart Attacks and Strokes to 12 Police Car Swattings. ▻Submit twitch fails to

16 Year Old Trans Teenager Arrested Live On Twitch..

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Twitch Clones Are Taking Over TikTok

Twitch streamers, one of the largest subgenres of content creators on the internet. And they’re migrating. Today, we look at a recent trend of “Twitch Clones” on TikTok, specifically the streamers vveoko and kyamints. Get ready to hear statements like “I don’t like the taste of water”. Buckle up.

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